Extraction Tube For Antigen Detection Kit 


Daily supply  10   million tubes
For covid-19 antigen rapid test manufacturing
7 x 24 manufacturing
Worldwide shipping
Empty tube available
Sealed tube available
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extraction-tube for covid-19 buffer solution

About Us

15 years laboratory consumables manufacturing experience.
6 factories for extraction tubes manufacturing
>150 molds for extraction tubes
> 50 injection machines for extraction tube

Products include:
extraction tube
extraction tube kit
extraction-tube-for RTK test kit


15 years in lab consumable & extraction tube
extraction-tube-05 for rtk test kit

Production capacity

>50 manufacturing lines
3 shifts/day manufacturing
extraction-tube-06 for antigen detection kit


Rich experience and ability to customize on extraction tube
extract-tube-04 for antigen detection kit


Worldwide shipping
by sea or plane
extraction-tube-07 for antigen detection kit

What is extraction tube?

Extraction tube has a prefilled buffer solution inside for antigen detection kit. It’s made of PET or PE plastic materials. 

Extraction tube can be used for dan/rna extraction, lateral flow assay test. Right now, mostly used to fill and seal lysis buffer for antigen test kit. A part of antigen rapid test kit. 

Extraction tube daily supply: > 10 million tubes per day

Types of extraction tube

extractor-tube for covid-19 buffer solution
extraction tube
extraction-tube-kit of covid-19 self test kit
extract tube
extract-tube-05 for antigen detection kit
extraction tubes
extractor-tube for sars-cov-2 test
extractor tube
extraction-tube-10 for antigen detection kit
extract-tube for filling and sealing lysis buffer solution
extraction-tubes for filling and sealing buffer
extraction-tube sealed covid-19 buffer solution
extraction-tube-08 for antigen detection kit
extraction-tube-09 for antigen detection kit

Extraction Tube Display

Extraction tube manufacturing equipment

manufacturing equipment for extraction-tube-kit
extraction-tube-kit of manufacturing equipment
extraction-tube-kit of manufacturing

Extraction tube manufacturing flowchart

extract-tube-06 for antigen detection kit
Raw materials
extraction-tubes-04 for antigen detection kit
Mold development
extraction-tubes-05 for antigen detection kit
extraction-tubes-06 for antigen detection kit
extractor-tube-04 for antigen detection kit
Quality inspection
extractor-tube-05 for antigen detection kit

Q & A: Extraction Tube

Q: How many extraction tubes can supply per day?
A: More than 10 million extraction tubes per day.

Q: How many tubes cab be filled per day?
A: More than 5 million extraction tubes per day.

Q: Can we only buy empty tubes?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you provide filling and sealing service?
A: Yes, but you need to provide buffer solution or Ingredients for buffer solution making.
Q: Do you provide customized extraction tube?
A: Yes, but it needed much time to finish, to use our existing tube will be faster.

Q: Do also sell liquid filling and sealing machine for extraction tube?
A: Yes, we have some types liquid filling and sealing machine for different type extraction tubes.

Q: How about the lead time for extraction tube?
A: Daily send 1 million tubes.

Q: How about the lead time for liquid filling sealing machine?
A: Usually after received down payment within 30 days

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